Michael Dey, Ph.D
Michael Dey, Ph.DCEO of Predictive Therapeutics / Director
Michael Dey, Ph.D. is a member of the Board of Directors of Predictive Technology Group, Inc. Dr. Dey will assist in corporate governance and guide the development and commercialization of technology and products in all PRED’s subsidiaries.

In addition to serving as a PRED Board Member, Dr. Dey will continue as Chief Executive Officer of Predicitive Therapeutics, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of PRED. Before joining PRED, Dr. Dey had executive positions at Wyeth, later acquired by Pfizer, where he was both the President and the President of Scientific Affairs division for Wyeth’s Women’s Health Care business. As President of Wyeth’s Women’s Health Care business for seven years, Dr. Dey managed its global resources of more than $3 billion annually.

Dr. Dey received an undergraduate degree in Biology/Chemistry in 1973, a Master’s Degree in 1980 in Pharmacology and Toxicology and a Ph.D. in 1984 in Pharmacology and Toxicology