Kenneth Ward, M.D.

Scientific Advisor

Kenneth Ward, M.D. is a scientific advisor at Predictive Laboratories, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Predictive Technology Group dedicated to discovering the causes of infertility and genetic conditions affecting women. Dr. Ward has over 30 years of experience in DNA diagnostics and has launched over a dozen “first-use-in-human” tests. Prior to Predictive, during his academic career, Dr. Ward founded and directed the University of Utah DNA Diagnostic Laboratory and the Molecular Genetics Laboratory at ARUP. He also created the University of Utah’s training program in Clinical Molecular Genetics and supervised the perinatal genetic counseling program. He is one of the only physicians in the U.S. who is board-certified in four specialties including obstetrics and gynecology, maternal-fetal medicine, medical genetics, and molecular genetics. Dr. Ward received a master’s degree from the University of Florida College of Medicine and completed his fellowship at the University of Utah.