Michael Dey, Ph.D.

CEO of Predictive Therapeutics / Director

Michael Dey is a member on the board of directors at Predictive Technology Group. Dr. Dey also serves as a member on the scientific advisory board at Coactigon, Inc. and GenBioPro, Inc. as well as a consultant, providing marketing, scientific, and technical insight and guidance for the development of new chemical entities and marketed products for new indications. Prior to Predictive, he was a member on the board of directors for Juneau Biosciences, and at Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, served as president of scientific affairs and women’s health care where he was the Company’s principal corporate witness in ongoing breast cancer litigation and provided oversight and direction on the development of estrogen products. Dr. Dey also held multiple leadership roles at Wyeth-Ayerst Laboratories where he led a new generic drug division that developed, manufactured, and marketed generic oral and parenteral treatments. He has authored and co-authored eighteen manuscripts and holds seven patents. Dr. Dey received his doctoral degree in pharmacology/toxicology from Washington State University.