Predictive Technology Group is a life science company based in Salt Lake City, founded in 2005.

Predictive Technology Group is dedicated to helping women and their clinicians identify the barriers that impact lifelong health through our genetic library, genomic mapping and individualized diagnostics. We are committed to building healthier families through our innovations in bioscience to deliver on personalized medicine.

Atrin Pharmaceuticals Adds Critical Genomics Capabilities in Advance of Initiating First Clinical Trial Through Ongoing Collaboration with Predictive Technology Group

Atrin and Predictive have been jointly developing proprietary approaches to better identify patients with specific mutations that drive cancer tumor growth, regardless of tumor type, and who are most likely to clinically respond to synthetically-lethal anti-cancer therapies. Predictive’s genomics capabilities were added to Atrin’s existing proprietary proteomic and medicinal chemistry technologies to improve targeting of DDR proteins that are active in cancer cells and relatively inactive in healthy cells, ahead of Atrin’s initiation of a Phase 1/2a clinical study of ATRN-119, Atrin’s lead oral drug candidate.

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Empowered Patient Podcast with Karen Jagoda

Our CEO, Brad Robinson, was featured on Karen Jagoda’s Empowered Patient Podcast to discuss our work in women’s health and the importance of genetics in informing a woman's course of care. Brad also explains how our subsidiaries work together in helping women and their clinicians address endometriosis and other reproductive health concerns.

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